10/3/12 NFL Films

Last post I wrote about my trip to the Notre Dame/Michigan Game and did include some actual relevant broadcasting information. I did forget to mention one thing….

There is a tradition on campus where the band plays a pre-game concert in front of Bond Hall. They then march in full force into the stadium to get things rockin. We had our usual positions (very up close) for the concert. Just before the band started to play a two man camera crew scurried into position in front of the VIP section. They were wearing not your normal photographer’s pass but a smock labeled with NFL FILMS. Of course I turned my attention and watched them work!

They were shooting with an Arri Alexa–very similar to the one I have assisted on and posted about before. I guessed about what they were trying to accomplish and my mind wandered about how the footage would be used; promo video, marketing material, B-roll for the game broadcast… Who knows. Funny how I concentrate on that stuff instead of the music and choreography. Anyway, they shot off the shoulder up close to some brass players, off a hi-hat and then on a neat low-profile slider. They should have gotten some nice stuff. I do feel for the sound mixer. Being that close to a 300 person band and using a directional mic could not have been good for the ears.

Later in the stadium I saw the crew again covering the coin toss and again after the game was over shooting coach interviews. Maybe it’s a documentary on game day or just getting history for the school? It also makes me wonder if that’s what other people do…stare at me instead of the performers while I am working to cover them. Maybe if I had an NFL Films smock I’d get away with it easier?